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About Us

With the maxim to be a leading entity in the healthcare industry, Silva Pharmaceuticals Limited has been continuously thrusting for the best since its inception in 2003. As a company, it is new in the Pharmaceutical industry, but the company is from the family of renowned AL-AMIN Group, who has been one of the successful business entities in the Business world of Bangladesh for 41years since 1969.

The company management consists of experienced business professionals who bless the company with their insights, visions & dynamic leadership and stepping the company to achieve the excellence. The sincere and dedicated employees work as a team, as they belief organization’s success depends on sharing the knowledge, working together and harmonizing every little tasks among about 1200 employees throughout the entire organization.

The company is strongly represented by ever-increasing product line in the market. Its production facility located in Noakhali with the state-of-the-art technology and high quality control. The Company selected to walk through the path of innovation & quality and aimed to conquer the minds and hearts of millions with quality medicines with the vision to ensure a healthy society.

The highly experienced management personnel who have been leading the company with their dynamic management style and mentorship bless Silva Pharmaceuticals Limited. The number of employee is increasing day by day with the present number of about 1000. At Silva people are committed in maintaining high ethical standard, producing innovative medicines, providing friendly and flexible working environment. Silva aspires its Human Resource is the driving force of the company, to enrich its driving force to become highly competent professionals

To alleviate human suffering, Silva began its journey in the year of 2003 in Bangladesh. Silva has set up a modern pharmaceutical plant that is equipped with the most advanced and modern machineries. The company has a quest to add value to the quality and cost-effective healthcare solution for the people of this country. In addition to deploying the world’s best machinery, they clam that have hired a team of highly skilled and talented pharmacists, scientists, chemists, and doctors to make the life saving medicine.

Silva is committed to maintaining GMP and FDA standard. Silva believes in Healing minds and Healing hearts.