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Tiemonium Methylsulphate INN 50 mg

Timem® tablet: Each film-coated tablet contains Tiemonium Methylsulphate INN 50 mg.
Timem® Syrup 100 ml: Each 5 ml Syrup contains Tiemonium Methylsulphate INN 10 mg

Tiemonium is quaternary ammonium antimuscarinic agent with peripheral effect similar to those of atropine. Tiemonium strengthens calcium bonding with phospholipids and proteins, thus stabilizing the cell membrane of the GI tract.

Tiemonium Methylsulphate is an antispasmodic drug. It reduces muscle spasms of the intestine, biliary system, uterus & urinary bladder. It is indicated for the pain in gastrointestinal & biliary disease in the urology and gynecology such as gastroenteritis, diarrhea, dysentery, biliary colic, enterocolitis, cholecystytis, mild cystitis, & spasmodic dysmenorrhoea.

Dosage and administrations
Recommended oral dose of Tiemonium Methylsulphate tablet is 2-6 tablets (100-300 mg) daily in divided dosage as required.

Side effects
The following adverse effects are likely to occur, oral or lacrymal dryness, cardiac acceleration, sight trouble, retention of urine and constipation. It can appear confusion and irritability at the old person.

Precautions should be taken for the treatment of patients with disorders of the prostate, serious diseases of the kidney or liver, cardiac disorders, thyroid disorders, chronic bronchitis and certain gastrointestinal diseases. The risks of visual disturbances can make it dangerous to drive or use machinery.

Tiemonium Methylsulphate tablet should not be used in Glaucoma (acute pain in the eyeball of vision), Pyloric Stenosis, Myocardial Infarction, difficulties in urinating (disorders of the prostate or bladder).

In the event of pregnancy
Tiemonium Methylsulphate tablet may be used in pregnancy only if it is clearly needed by the assessment of risk benefit ratio.

In case of nursing mother
Tiemonium Methylsulphate tablet may be used in lactating mother only if it is clearly needed by the assessment of risk benefit ratio.

Drug interactions
Tiemonium Methylsulphate tablet should not be used with other drugs without prior consult of a registered physician to avoid possible drug interaction.

There is not available data regarding the overdosage of Tiemonium Methylsulphate tablet. But the overdosage may appear by a tachycardia, an agitation, respiratory disorders, In case of doubt it is advisable to consult immediately with the attending practitioners.

Store in a cool and dry place, protected from light.

Commercial pack
Timem® tablet: Each box contains 5 blister strips of 10 tablets.